Another Year of Goals

I didn’t publish my books last year. I didn’t get into shape. And I didn’t meditate. Well, I did meditate several times and attended a 10-day meditation retreat. I guess that counts.

To say the least, my mantra didn’t work. I admit I wasn’t as focused as I should’ve been. Several things distracted me and I hit a wall, letting negative thoughts enter my mind. Thoughts of quitting. Thoughts of not being good enough.

Then in August, I picked up Stephen King’s book, On Writing, and read it for the third time since buying the book in 2001. Something clicked and I committed to waking up at 6am every day to write/edit. And I did!

As the new year approached, I saw a Facebook post where people picked a word for the year and focused their goals around that word. It’s an interesting idea so I sat down and came up with several words. Of course, kindness was at the top of the list but in the end, I chose another word for 2018.


So, I wrote my 2018 goals like I do every year but with the idea of being courageous. Goals focused around publishing, reading, hiking, and taking care of myself. Similar goals to last year and the year before but I’m okay with that. I’m moving forward and learning NOT to beat myself up.

Wish me luck!