Romani Witch (Shifter Blood: Romani Curse Book 2)


Sienna’s life is perfect. The Romani community finally accepts her as one of their own. The Norwood wolves recognizes her as Kaleb’s mate, and her mother’s health is improving. She can now relax, plan her wedding, and look forward to a bright future. . .

Until a High Council witch arrives in town and turns Sienna’s life upside down.

Not only does she learn her mother lied to her, but Kaleb betrays her. And even worse, the vampires are looking for her.

Forced to face the ugly truth, she must do the unthinkable. . .

But will Kaleb still love her? Or will his natural instincts take over, causing him to hunt her down?

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Romani Blood (Shifter Blood: Romani Curse Book 1)


Seventeen-year-old Sienna doesn’t like her new home in Woodlake, Michigan. The moment she enters the small Romani community, she has to follow their strict rules – No boys. No school. No cell phones.

Forced to work at the café, Sienna meets Kaleb and her world changes forever. He’s unlike anyone she has ever met. He’s dangerous, forbidden, and a shapeshifter. She quickly realizes that falling in love with the wrong guy can be riskier than she’d ever imagined.

With a tourist missing and a killer on the loose, the Town Council and Romani Elders agree to join forces with the Norwood wolves. But when the evidence leads straight to Kaleb and more secrets are exposed, Sienna must choose . . .

Loyalty to her Romani blood? Or love for the enemy, a Norwood wolf?

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