New Year, New Me

Okay, maybe it’s not a new me. Not yet.

And it’s already the end of January.

But last week, I realized my annual goals for the past three years have been the same! Say what?!

How is that possible? I’m a list person. I’m organized. I set goals all the time. I make things happen.

Ask anyone. I’m reliable. I’m responsible.

But here I am, my list of annual goals almost exactly the same as last year and the year before and the year before that. Ugh!

So this year, I’m going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. That’s my mantra this year…

I will publish my books.

I will get into shape.

I will meditate.


10 comments on New Year, New Me

  • Jennifer Preiss

    You inspire me! Thank you for posting this, as my goals have remained the same….and I will admit that I have trashed previous lists, allowing me to act like they never existed.
    Here is to a successful year! I

    • Frances

      Thank you, Jennifer — let’s both promise to make this a successful year!

  • Makenna Lee

    Cheers to making it happen!

    • Frances

      You’re definitely on your way to make it happen! I need to catch up to you.

  • Laura Hallam

    Love this! I will make it happen too!

    • Frances

      Yes, we will!!! 🙂

  • Tanya

    Yay!! Now your one step closer to making it happen. I feel this will be a great year for you. Namaste!!

  • Lenny

    Looks good. Still liked the carrot story.

  • James

    MAKE IT HAPPEN the Best Has Yet to Come!!!

  • Lori T

    Hey beautiful. I cant wait to see you soon! and Yes publish the book I cant wait to read it.. So excited!… YOU GOT THIS!….OXOOX

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